Theatre for Young Audiences will steadily develop itself

Theatre for Young Audiences is a genre to educate children the elements that a school education can hardly provide but are essential to be fully human, such as kindness, a sense of beauty, imagination for others, understanding that humanity is created within a human relationship, and so on, through theatre appreciation and theatrical experiences.

Theatre for Young Audiences needs therefore, a sense of specialty of actors who consider what sort of theatre is necessary for children’s growth and a method to bring up such actors with the specialty in addition to theatrical knowledge and acting technique.

In 50 years Theatre for Young Audiences will be as it was so for the first 50 years, TYA will steadily develop itself. For this, it is necessary to have conditions as follows: “theatre” finds a proper place in a teacher’s training system, it becomes a common sense that specialized actors get in the field of theatre appreciation, and more public funds are available.

Kenjiro Fujita, Vice-President ASSITEJ

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