At the Campfire

25th Professional Meeting in Orzycko 2016 © Izabela NowackaA Glance around the Polish TYA 2

The beginning of September is a special time for contemporary Polish dramaturgy – at that time the new edition of ‚Nowe Sztuki dla Dzieci i Młodzieży‘ (‚New Plays for Children and Young People‘) is published and the yearly professional meeting in Obrzycko takes place. This event has a long tradition and this year’s gathering was extraordinary for a number of reasons. We celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Competition for a Play for Children and Young People, the 40th edition of ‚Nowe Sztuki‘ and the 25th professional meeting. The main theme which was discussed this year was the presence of varied forms of funniness in contemporary plays. For more read on:

This series by Agata Drwięga on is dedicated to Polish contemporary theatre for children where various influences come across. It is easy to find there both traditional puppet performances and shows based on modern plays. In the posts we present some drafts of the interesting and worth-to-be-mentioned performances, tendencies, publications and events, which took place in Poland recently.

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