What’s new? A meeting about theatre for young adults

junges theater basel: Flex © Piotr BędziszewskiA Glance Around Polish TYA 3

Between the 14th and 17th October 2016 in the ‚Miniatura‘ Theatre in Gdańsk a professional meeting ‚What’s new?‘ (Co nowego?) took place. It was dedicated to contemporary theatre for young adults, which in Poland is mainly represented by a sort of ‚in-yer-face theatre‘. In addition to the presentations of the foreign and Polish performances, three round tables were organized. We discussed how German and Swiss artists deal with this topic and we confronted it with our Polish experiences. In our opinion also in Poland theatres should give young adults more opportunities to attend performances by themselves. For more read on: http://www.jugendtheater.net/en/poland/whatsnew

This series by Agata Drwięga on http://www.jugendtheater.net is dedicated to Polish contemporary theatre for children where various influences come across. It is easy to find there both traditional puppet performances and shows based on modern plays. In the posts we present some drafts of the interesting and worth-to-be-mentioned performances, tendencies, publications and events, which took place in Poland recently.

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