Upside Down World Day of Theatre for Young Audiences: Take the THEATRE to a CHILD


March 20 is World Day of Theatre for Young Audiences: When children all over the world are asked to stay at home – and when theatres all over the world are closed – we need to take the theatre to THEM!

Join our online event and take part in the campaign „Take the THEATRE to a CHILD, Today!“ by German speaking ASSITEJ centres ASSITEJ Austria – Junges Theater Österreich, ASSITEJ Schweiz, ASSITEJ Luxembourg, ASSITEJ Liechtenstein and ASSITEJ e.V. Deutschland.

We want to share your online activities with children, young people, and colleagues all over the world: you are more than welcome to post any podcast, live streaming, video, link, tutorial, concert, campaign, improvisation task —
any creative content, anything you find appropriate, inspiring, encouraging, funny, great, moving and touching etc for young people! Post it here in this virtual World Day event — and stay tuned to the great performance work all over the world!
March 20’s World Day of Theatre for Young Audiences is a yearly campaign by ASSITEJ International, promoted and celebrated through the message „Take a child to the theatre, today“.
This focus enables national centres, individual members, companies, arts organisations, academics, teachers, artists, practitioners and others interested in theatre for young audiences to connect with the idea of world day and ‘make the case’ for children’s entitlement to theatre and the arts.

Yoshi Oida (actor, director, and writer) and Yvette Hardie (president of ASSITEJ) are the authors of this year’s messages.

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