ASSITEJ-Weltkongress: Next Generation Presentation

Am Freitag nachmittag präsentierte sich die Warschauer Next Generation Gruppe und veröffentlichte ihr „Versprechen an das Publikum“. Das Versprechen der Next Generation ist Ergebnis der Arbeit und des Austauschs der letzten 10 Tage und Dialogangebot für den Diskurs aller Theatermacher untereinander:

We pledge

To talk to you
To listen to you
To put you first
To respect you
To trust you
To be honest with you
To make your world better
To engage with you
To reflect your world
To give you hope
To have fun with you
To play with you
To be inspired by you
To inspire you
To tell you stories


I believe, working in the field of TYA, that:

I can make the world a better place

Engaging with the audience and the community is the primary requirement

I can only think, feel and behave as a grown-up person

Perception and fun are important

That we talk with young audiences and we can trust them

That the stage should be a place for play

That it rejuvenates me and keeps me young

That theatre has the potential to transgress social and political boundaries while generating a feeling of empathy

That we have to be honest

That theatre gives hope to young people

By participating in theatre, children and young people can find their voice

Good TYA isn’t just for children, but for adults too

The theatre is a safe playground

Children all over the world should be able to access theatre

TYA will one day be seen as the equal of theatre for adults

The best theatre in the world is TYA

Theatre is a space for sharing between adults and children, where children engage and participate in the joy of art and the possibilities of creativity, and where adults share in the wisdom of youth, something we have lost

All children in the world, irrespective of culture or economics have the right to enjoy the magic of theatre

Theatre should engage people

We believe in respecting children as complete humans in their own right, not humans in training

Children should be met in their world, not forced into ours

We should tell children the truth about life

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