Manifest der Next Generation beim ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2015

Next Generation-Gruppe beim ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2015
Next Generation-Gruppe beim ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2015

Aus der Frage: Was würden wir ändern, wenn wir die Macht dazu hätten, entstand dieses Manifest der jungen KünstlerInnen aus der ganzen Welt, die am Next Generation-Programm im Rahmen des ASSITEJ Artistic Gathering 2015 teilnahmen. (Mehr Infos dazu hier: KLICK)

If I would be President of Assitej:

1. I would change the map of the world and erase all borders.

2. I would listen to the children and let THEM do all the talking.

3. I would involve government to support low profile countries

4. I would make sure that children and young people have a theatrical culture

5. I would remember I was also a child once, and run to get some ice cream.

6. TYA shall be the healing pill to deadly diseases of fear, hate, war and silence

7. I would like to make educational performances for young audience

8. I would like to give an opportunity to children, who have not seen a show once

9. I would create programs & policies in Africa to allow the children to have access to the theater

10. I would make Assitej a more inclusive and horizontal association.

11. I would lead TYA to play an important role in young people’s development.

12. I would give TYA the relevance it deserves and it will be the major priority

13. I would need to stay in touch with children and young people, so I can know their point of view and their issues.

14. I wouldn’t make people write about what they will do if they were president of ASSITEJ

15. I would invent a theatrical pain relief to save the children, who have lost a loved one.

16. I would ignore all the economic differences between the member countries of ASSITEJ and divide the global budget equally.

17. Something would be really wrong with the electing system

18. I would introduce children and teenagers to members of the ASSITEJ boards in all countries.

19. I would focus on children rights and advocacy through theater and make them more participative especially in African countries.

20. I would strength the actions and presence of their representatives in countries with low budget.

21. I would establish theater performances in public spaces during the festival

22. I would create a free international TV station around the World

23. I would offer more space for the direct interaction between children, adults and artists

24. I would ask children: „What do you expect from us?“

25. I would create space for differences and passion.

26. A group of children and young people would be president and I would be their secretary

27. I would spread the word that ‚everything is possible‘

Manifest “Next Generation” Berlin 2015

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