Poetic Street Performance

W kole © Albert Roca Macia, Baj Theater's archive A Glance
around the Polish TYA
Part 1

The majority of Polish theatres is municipal and don’t stage performances during the summer. Then they keep in touch with the audience by organizing workshops or playing out-door shows. Based on Krystyna Miłobędzka’s play and directed by Sebastian Świąder ‚W kole‘ is a poetic performance inspired by children’s games and the every-day reality in the courtyards of Praga, one of Warsaw’s districts. There is no stage but a circle drawn by children on the ground. In the circle five actors play games evolving stories about people-to-people relationships. Children watch it carefully and understand clearly while adults need some explanations. For more read on: www.jugendtheater.net/en/poland/poetic

This new series by Agata Drwięga on www.jugendtheater.net is dedicated to Polish contemporary theatre for children where various influences come across. It is easy to find there both traditional puppet performances and shows based on modern plays. In the next posts we will present some drafts of the interesting and worth-to-be-mentioned performances, tendencies, publications and events, which took place in Poland recently.

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