Michael Ramløse (Dänemark) wird gefeiert: 40 Jahre Theater für junges Publikum, 20 Jahre Teatret Fair Play


Am 6. Januar 2017 hatte das Teatret Fair Play in Holbæk zum Abschiedsfest für Michael Ramløse eingeladen. Michael Ramløse ist nicht nur Theatermacher und Autor – seine Stücke werden aktuell in Aalen, Bielefeld, Fulda, Parchim und Saarbrücken gespielt –  sondern er war auch Generalsekretär der ASSITEJ International. Als Ehrenpräsident der ASSITEJ International gehörte Wolfgang Schneider zu den Gratulanten:

He must be a good fellow: Michael Ramløse!
This was my first thought, when I identified that Swedish mineral water was named after him.
My second impression was: He will be the next generation of ASSITEJ International. 1990, after the Cold War, building bridges, crossing borders, East And West, North And South.
And thirdly: With Michael Ramløsewere starting the new times, a new eara of professionalism and internationalism in the Association.
He was doing a great job as Secretary General, he was integrating artists from all over the world and he was bringing the artistic discussion on the agenda.
I remember emotional stories with him, dancing in the streets of Caracas with local artists and after to much Cuba Libre, singing on stage with Hope Azeda „Someting stupid“ in the framework of the Congress in Montreal, but also the verbal figths about the Yearbook, about TYA as Arts Education and criterias for artistic quality.
Now Michael Ramløseis one of the Elder Statesmen with expertise and competence and ASSITEJ should use these wisdom of diversity.
He is part of the international repertoire, in Germany his plays are again and again performed and part of the literature in TYA.
As Founding Director of the Kinder- und Jugendtheaterzentrum in der Bundesrepublik Deutschland, as Honorary President of ASSITEJ International and as Chairman of ASSITEJ Germany I pay my great respect for the longlife contribution to Children, Young People and Theatre Arts.
In this times we need more „Fair Play“ – not only in the performing arts!
Finally: He is a good fellow: Michael Ramløse!

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