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Zimbabwe High Energy Dance Company © Pangolin Productions
© Pangolin Productions

News on the Website

Understand the Arguments, explore the Activities, look at the Performances, read on: A variety of documents give an insight into the contemporary Theatre for Children and Youth in Africa. Video-Stills describe different types or show most inspiring performances. With texts and illustrations express posters and flyers the diversity and plurality of African cultures and theater-styles. Newsletters and reports elaborate on the varied discourses between artists and within their organization. With the latest delivery from the World Congress of ASSITEJ 2017 the ASSITEJ International Archives offer new sources for the further development of TYA worldwide.

Current Performances and Cultural History

Since March 2018 we are grateful also to present – as a reprint from TEATRE LALEK – a review of African guest performances displayed during the ASSITEJ World Congress 2017 by Agata Drwięga.

Nyasha Mujuru, Manuela Ngoi Rymis, Jürgen Kirschner © private
N. Mujuru, J. Kirschner, M. Ngoi Rymis © private

For the webpublication and to supplement the new arrivals a team in Frankfurt (Main) has completely revised and updated the Collection of the ASSITEJ International Archives.

A short introduction to the ASSITEJ International Archives is published on the Website of the Children and Youth Theatre Center as well as a detailed description of this part of the Center’s Collection.

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